Pastor Kimberly’s Four Steps To Prayer with Children

1. I’m Thankful For…
You can name family and friends, things in your house, something great that
happened today, parts of creation, and more.

2. I’m Sorry For…
Have your child think back about anything he/she did today that was not a good idea, and tell God he/she is sorry. It’s not to be a punishment time, but a time to realize that what was done didn’t make God happy, and when we say we’re sorry, God forgives us and gives us a new start!

3. I’m Praying For…
This is a chance for your child to pray for anyone around him or her who is in need – whether it’s a grandparent, a friend, another child, a teacher, or general categories like ‘people who are hungry, people who are sick, people who are sad.’

4. I Love God Because…
Ask your child to think about all the things God does for us, which are great reasons to love God. It could be ‘because God gave me a baby brother/sister,’ or ‘because God made the whole world’ or ‘because God gives me food to eat.’

Praying this 4-step prayer with your children helps them become aware of all the ways they are part of God’s world. It helps children develop that ‘attitude of gratitude’, while seeing needs they can meet and things they can do better! Using this prayer regularly develops a wonderful discipline of prayer, and you as a parent can join in too! I also encourage my children to tell God about how they feel at the end of the day.

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