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Glass of Milk

Advent & Christmas 

Advent Adventures

For 2020, we will be offering digital Advent experiences, both for children and their families, and for adults and teens.  Our Worship Services will focus around four movies.  Watch them on Saturday nights to get ready for worship on Sunday mornings!

November 28 - watch It's a Wonderful Life

December 5 - watch Home Alone

December 12 - watch Elf

December 19 - watch a version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I'll be using Dr. Seuss' version, the cartoon)

Video devotionals on each movie will be posted with links through the week.

We give our special thanks to Sleeping Bear Press for their permission to use S is for Star, by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, to guide our children and families.

Links will be posted for the videos, and families who signed up for boxes will find activities and supplies inside.

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