The recordings on this page are Scripture readings and messages from worship at Fallston Presbyterian Church.  They are copyrighted by the author, and are only to be used for your listening and devotional meditation.  Please contact FPC for further information or references included in these sermons.

October 17th Worship Service
Worship Service Led by Rev. Jack Hodges 


"Job's Dilemma...and ours"

  Scripture: Job 38:1-7, 34-41

                   Mark 10:35-45



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Communion notes:  Communion is still a holy sacrament, and it is up to us to maintain it.  Please prepare elements found commonly at your house - preferably bread or crackers and juice or water.  Please watch the rest of worship, at minimum the Call to Worship and Scripture, and the Sermon, before sharing Communion.  We practice open Communion - all who trust in Jesus Christ can share the sacrament while viewing the liturgy.  This sacrament unites us no matter where we are - we are all Christians who trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior!