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Children's Sunday School

Pastoral Care


"During the happiest and best times of my life and during the most tragic and saddest times of my life, (FPC) is the family who laughs with me, who cries with me and who holds me up.  This is the family who has helped my faith grow and challenged me to dig deeper into myself so that I can strive harder to be the person God wants and expects me to be."

We care for those in our midst and beyond our walls in a variety of ways.  Our pastor makes personal calls on families in need or in crisis, and hospital visits for those experiencing health challenges, to pray with them and offer support.  Our deacons follow up with cards, phone calls, visits, and meals as needed.  We actively support the families of our preschool students, whether or not they are part of our congregation.  We have blessed blankets for ill Pre-K students and had prayer services for Pre-K parents fighting cancer.


We hold the needs of the community up for prayer as well.  We pray for people near and far, people we know and people we don’t know.  Your prayer request is important to us, and our pastor is available for prayer with you or your family if you are in crisis.  You may reach our Pastor by clicking the link below, and send her a confidential message with a prayer request or request for a meeting.

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