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Worship is that moment each week when we gather as part of God’s family to share joys and sorrows, to praise the God who gave us life, and to learn and grow as God’s children.  In worship we recognize and celebrate all those moments during the previous week when we saw God at work in us and in our community and world.


Worship at Fallston Presbyterian welcomes all people of all ages.  We are a stronger community when we share across the generations.  Therefore, our children are an integral part of our worship service, and they have a message each week just for them with the pastor or other worship leader.  The passing of the peace gives the congregation a time to greet visitors and each other and deepen the relationships shared.  Music is a blend of traditional, contemporary, and contemplative.  Our congregation appreciates long-standing traditional parts of worship mixed with new ways to experience God’s presence.

Sunday School


From children to adults, here’s a chance to learn a little more about the Bible and its relevance for us today.

I'm New Here/


The special people making up the congregation at FPC have a way of making you feel like a family member from your very first visit with us.


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