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Two great things we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.

       - Hodding Carter


Pre-academics are vital to the success of children as they enter their elementary school years through Kindergarten. We believe the best way to motivate children to learn and have them value pre-academics is through intentionally planned hands on learning.



  • Literacy EVERY DAY!

  • Letter Identification

  • Letter Sounds

  • Sight Words

  • Writing – written language has meaning

  • Explode the Code and Open Court Curriculum



  • Counting and Cardinality.

  • (1) Concrete Stage – hands-on learning.

  • (2) Pictorial Stage – expressive and story-basedlearning.

  • (3) Abstract Stage – eventual recognition, printing, and manipulation of numbers.




  • Intentionally and appropriately implemented by trained teachers

  • Interactive media are effective tools to support learning and development

  • Lap tops and individual tablets are available for technology integration with the students.



  • We teach very basic biblical principles such as Jesus is the son of God, He loves us, He was born at Christmas and resurrected at Easter and is our friend. Once a month we gather as a school at Chapel where the children participate in a small Bible Study circle time where the children read Bible stories, sing a song and pray together.


  • Learning is a result of actual experiences

  • Learning through discovery

  • Learn through scientific inquiry and problem solving

  • Building confidence as explorers of their world.

  • Teachers with extensive backgrounds in science education.



  • Significant mode of learning

  • Classrooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate materials for child-initiated play.

  • Playground is fenced and secure with proper surface, design, and spacing for preschoolers.




  • We participate in multiple field trips and presentations throughout the year including: pumpkin patch, Fire Museum, Arts on Stage, Eden Mill, Zoomobile, and Wildlife Adventures.

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